Limiting factors (Mental Models XI)

One interesting way of approaching a problem is to identify the limiting factors – what is that sets the ultimate limits for progress on a particular issue? In many cases it will be time – there are some things we could do in theory, but where the time needed exceeds the calculated time available to us individually or cosmologically. This means that time is a … Continue reading Limiting factors (Mental Models XI)

Balancing our intelligence investment portfolio

It is no secret that AI is currently a hot subject – in politics, law and, of course, in investing. The idea here is right: this new technology may well revolutionize business after business and not paying attention to it would be folly. But there is an interesting question sitting at the edges of the current fervor with which we pursue artificial intelligence, and that … Continue reading Balancing our intelligence investment portfolio

Exploring the Stagnation Hypothesis

The stagnation hypothesis, the idea that we have seen steady decline across science and technology over the last 50 years or so is increasingly gaining ground and becoming mainstream: Thiel, along with economists such as Tyler Cowen (The Great Stagnation) and Robert Gordon (The Rise and Fall of American Growth), promotes a “stagnation hypothesis”: that there has been a significant slowdown in scientific, technological, and … Continue reading Exploring the Stagnation Hypothesis

Undervalued aspects of artificial intelligence

There are now a number of reviews and summing up notes about the most impactful papers in AI in 2020. Data Science Central has a nice one – and also links to a few others. It is interesting to look at these to see what is highlighted and what is missing. I, for one, was surprised to see that the list from DSC does not … Continue reading Undervalued aspects of artificial intelligence