Can money buy you happiness? On comfort science.

In what has become the accepted wisdom, income does not increase your happiness over some level - usually at around 75000 USD / year. But in a recent paper on PNAS that claim was shown to be false...or was it? The debate that has been raging about the paper since it came out has been… Continue reading Can money buy you happiness? On comfort science.

Writing the history of this moment

At the end of the New York Times article detailing the decision by Twitter to de-platform president Trump, there is a short note that hides a real, and vexing problem: Beyond muting Mr. Trump’s biggest megaphone, Twitter’s decision could create headaches for the Trump administration when it comes to complying with the Presidential Records Act… Continue reading Writing the history of this moment

Data is not like oil – it is much more interesting than that

So, this may seem to be a nitpicking little note, but it is not intended to belittle anyone or even to deny the importance of having a robust and rigorous discussion about data, artificial intelligence and the future. Quite the contrary - this may be one of the most important discussions that we need to engage… Continue reading Data is not like oil – it is much more interesting than that