Dialogues is a mentoring / reverse mentoring program that I am running personally to learn more faster.

Want someone to talk to?

2021, I have decided, will be all about learning, and finding ways to accelerate learning – especially in the remote working environment we are currently in. So, I have decided to adopt a personal learning strategy that consists of the following components:

  • Daily Blogging about subjects that interest me. Writing is thinking is learning.
  • A weekly newsletter that goes deep on any one subject that interests me.
  • Helping Richard Allan produce his podcast Regulate Tech.

But there is one more element to this learning strategy that I want to try out and experiment with, and that is mentoring. I would like to find 3-5 individuals who are interested in discussing their careers, policy as a craft and management issues with me over a period of at least a year. The way I think this will work is the following:

  • A monthly call or VC where we discuss something we agree on is important.
  • A small write up from me to you on ideas.
  • A mutual evaluation after 6 months to see if it is helpful.
  • Absolutely no fees
  • Mutual confidentiality assumed and guaranteed.

What I think I can offer is, in brief, this.

  • 20+ years of experience of public policy work, 13 of which at Google building national and central policy teams, running a regional team and powering up a future think function.
  • 15+ years of management experience, including a Great Manager Award from Google and a consistently higher than average score in internal surveys.

Now, I believe mentoring is really a two way process and that reverse mentoring and mentoring almost always coincide, so what really is happening is more akin to classical dialogue, to the kind of dialectic that underpins so much of western culture. And I don’t mean that to sound highfalutin’ or advanced, just that there is such enormous value in the living word and having discussions with a wide variety of people.

So, if you are interested in this let’s find out if we are a fit. Send me an email at nicklas.berildlundblad@gmail.com and tell me what you would like to discuss, and why you think I could be a good person to discuss it with.