Law, technology and time (Law and Time I)

I just got a copy of the latest Scandinavian Studies of Law, no. 65. I contributed a small piece on Law, Technology and Time — examining how the different ways in which time is made available by technology changes demands on the law and legislation. It is a first sketch of a very big area, and something I aim to try to dig deeper into. I am very grateful for the chance to start to lay out thoughts here, and especially so since it was on the occasion of celebrating that the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute now is 50 years young!

As I continue to think about this research project, I would like to think about things like “Long law” for contracts and legal rules that extend in the Long Now (-10 000 years to + 10 000 years) as well as different new modes of time – concurrent time, sequenced time et c. There may also be connections here to the average age of legal entities, the changing nature of law in cities and corporations, foundations and other similar ideas. I really like the idea of exploring time and law thoroughly and from a number of different angles.

Stay tuned.

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