Regulate Tech #2: The Arab Spring Revisited

This time, Richard Allan discusses the Arab Spring, what we have learned as a society and how the Arab Spring might play out today. It is an interesting discussion, and Richard was close to the whole thing in a way that makes it really worthwhile to hear him think through the issues and challenges.

All ideas and thoughts about other subjects, ideas or new things to discuss are warmly welcomed.

Regulate Tech 2023:8 – The best defense is…what? Regulate Tech

On thermonuclear lawsuits, fair and unfair attacks, the necessary grumbling phase, the value of real, deep and felt conflict and much more. How should you react when attacked as an organisation? What is the best policy response to criticism?    Participants: Richard Allan, Nicklas Berild Lundblad
  1. Regulate Tech 2023:8 – The best defense is…what?
  2. Regulate Tech 2023:7 – Knowing when to quit!
  3. Regulate Tech 2023:6 -Lobbyism in the actual lobby
  4. Regulate Tech 2023:5 – Let’s talk about AI
  5. Regulate Tech 2023:4 – Encryption -is there a choice between security and privacy?

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