Regulate Tech #2: The Arab Spring Revisited

This time, Richard Allan discusses the Arab Spring, what we have learned as a society and how the Arab Spring might play out today. It is an interesting discussion, and Richard was close to the whole thing in a way that makes it really worthwhile to hear him think through the issues and challenges.

All ideas and thoughts about other subjects, ideas or new things to discuss are warmly welcomed.

Regulate Tech 2022 ep 16: Robbing Peter to invest in Paul Regulate Tech

In this episode we discuss the upcoming discussions about network fees and network investment. Should online service providers pay a fee to telecom companies, when their traffic is so voluminous? Should network investment be separated out into specific companies? And what will happen to network neutrality in all of this? Should we all just get Starlink?    Participants: Richard Allan, Nicklas Berild Lundblad
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