Opening up subscriptions for newsletter for a bit

Edit 21.2: Thank you for the kind interest. I have no shifted over to by invitation only again, as not to have the community grow to larger or too fast. I really want feedback and ideas and not just maximize the number of readers.

I have been running a newsletter in parallel to this blog for 8 weeks now. This is another part of my project of making 2021 a learning year, and I am always interested in comments and ideas – so I will open it up for more subscribers for a while to see if anyone else is interested. The idea is not to maximize subscribers though, but keep it limited to folks who are interested in exploring these things together – so this is a bit of an experiment. Now, I do not expect a rush – but regular readers of this blog should certainly have the option to get the newsletter as well since it complements some of what is written here.

You can find the newsletter and subscribe over at Substack – here.

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