Everyday mysteries

While walking today in the Haga Park, which is close to where I live, I mentioned to a friend that I recently saw the strangest thing in one of the small woods that are scattered through the park. In the middle of nowhere, focused at a small clearing, there was a surveillance camera. It looked old, and not connected, and I could not for the life of me figure out where it came from or why it had been placed there, in the middle of the woods. This is what it looked like:

His reaction surprised me. He had also seen one of these in the woods in the park, but in a completely different place. Also focused on nothing at all. He took me to see that camera, and it was the same mark and the same weird location, focused on a small patch of land in the middle of the forest.

So, now we had two weird surveillance cameras in places that made no sense what so ever. Their locations are as follows. The first one was found here:

And the second one here:

They are far enough away from each-other to not seem as if they are connected either. A closer examination of the camera suggests that it has been CE-marked, but that is about all that I can say about it.

So. We have two cameras in Haga Park, in places where there is literally nothing to surveil and they are aimed in weird directions. They seem worn and yellowed, and not used for sometime. What is going on here? Here is what it looks like from below. Note the “2” written on the bottom. No “1” on the first one, I think. I will have to dig into that though.

The first one was found close to a military compound now converted to a hotel and conference location. The second close to Haga Gård. But if they are set up to protect these (there are royals who live in the Park, well in a castle in the Park) they have been placed in a way that is inexplicable.

Anyone with clues, ideas or explanations for these cameras is welcome to comment or send me a note. I really would like to know what these were for – and when they were put up. Are there more? Are they still operational? I have to think they are not – and am not worried about posting something that reveals an intricate protective set of measures – they look completely beaten up and old.

As an aside: life is filled with small mysteries like this. They should be pursued. They are the universe’s way of reminding you that there is something fishy about this whole life we live and that while we should not descend into conspiracy theories, we should not be too complacent about the weirdness of it all.