Revising goals (Strategy II)

In Gary Klein’s work on insights, Seeing What Other’s Don’t (2013), the author spends a fair bit of time on discussing what happens when we have had an insight, and why so many organizations ignore them. His explanation is that many organizations lack a process for changing goals or adapting objectives. Klein notes: People often resist goal insights. Organizations tend to promote managers who tenaciously … Continue reading Revising goals (Strategy II)

Rumelt on Strategy (Strategy I)

One of the recent books that has made a strong impression on me is Richard Rumelt’s book on strategy – Good Strategy, Bad Strategy – and the reason is that it provides such a clear and effective mental model of what you need to do if you want to be a strategic thinker. Rumelt notes that there is a *ton* of really bad strategy around … Continue reading Rumelt on Strategy (Strategy I)